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ANVISA's board of directors extends the use of Paraquat 2020-10-09
ACM will distribute exclusively MAFINO 75WG from Rainbow 2020-09-02
Myanmar will ba​n the pesticides based Chlorpy​rifos 2020-07-27
The Export of Pesticides from China in the half of 2020 decrease 16% 2020-07-27
Rainbow Malaysia CSR Initiative To Support Local Growers 2020-07-24
8th CAC Awards Unveil: 95 enterprises have won the Awards 2020-06-22
Rainbow Bolivia sponsors and participates inlocal agricultural exhibition 2020-06-22
Rainbow Ranked as Number 1 Agrochemical Exporter in 2019 2020-06-21
China's ICAMA issues regulations on the registration of export-only pesticides 2020-06-22