Shandong Pengbo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise jointly established by overseas returnees in 2014. Some key research and development plans undertaken by Pengbo are listed into the national 13th Five-Year Plan. ZNC, Pengbo’s new R&D product, is an ultra-active plant immune inducer ( extract from endophytic fungus of wild plants) derived from the natural eco-system. The crude extract of ZNC is already highly active at the concentration of 1-10 ng/ml, the activity is 10 times that of brassinolide, 1,000 times that of DA-6, 10,000 times that of polyglutamic acid and aminobutyric acid, and 100,000 times that of fulvic acid ammonium and sodium humate, 1,000,000 times that of alginic acid. ZNC excels among plant conditioners and fertilizer synergists for its low cost, stable physical and chemical properties, adaptable formulation and processing, and safe utilization. The main functions of ZNC are: promoting plant growth; resisting diseases; resisting stress; promoting plant reproduction and development; improving fertilizers’ effect and activating mineral elements in the soil.

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