Shanxi Huaxin Fertilizer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huaxin Fertilizer") is affiliated to Shanxi Huaxin Coal Coking Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huaxin Group"), which belongs to Huaxin Group's extended industrial chain and is transformed from coke , A modern, automated, intelligent, and information-based large-scale circular ecological and environmentally-friendly enterprise that has been transformed and established to enhance added value. The total investment of the project is about 2 billion Chinese Yuan. Construction started in 2012. After three years of hard work, it achieved a one-time success in July 2015 and was listed as a key project in Shanxi Province in the same year. Huaxin Fertilizer Co., Ltd. uses Shanxi Huaxin Coal Coking Company's self-produced coke oven gas as raw material to purify and purify it to produce synthetic ammonia of 200,000 tons/year, nitric acid of 300,000 tons/year, ammonium nitrate of 400,000 tons/year, and calcium ammonium nitrate. A large-scale chemical project of 200,000 tons/year and 600,000 tons/year of polymer ecological nitro fertilizer. Huaxin Fertilizer's project of using coke oven gas to produce compound fertilizer highly meets the requirements of the development of high-efficiency ecological modern agriculture, and has created a new path for the development of the fertilizer industry that combines environmental protection and intensive, innovation and application, economic and social benefits. "Coal, coke and chemical" advanced enterprises with the development of the entire industrial chain have achieved the "zero pollution emissions" of waste water, waste gas and waste materials, which is the first in China to open up a precedent for ecological fertilizer. Huaxin Fertilizer act as chairman of the Nitrogen and Magnesium Fertilizer Branch of the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Association in 2019, and also the largest raw material supplier among many calcium salt production enterprises in Jiaocheng Province,the privince known as the "China Calcium Capital". In 2017, Huaxin Fertilizer established the International Trade Department. At that time, the export reached 30,000 tons. Our company's excellent products quickly won the trust of customers around the world. In 2018, the export volume increased rapidly to 65,000 tons, with a growth rate of 200%, and the praise was constant. In 2019, through unremitting efforts and quality assurance, the export volume exceeded the 100,000 mark, reaching 136,000 tons. The target export volume in 2020 will exceed 160,000 tons. Huaxin Fertilizer has always been focusing on customer needs, constantly innovating and R&D, and providing more, better and efficient fertilizer products to customers all over the world under the premise of ensuring quality.

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