Rainbow is a leading global crop protection company. It has its headquarters in Jinan, China, and has four factories with R&D centers, strategically located around the world, that synthesizes and formulates full range of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, with world class quality standards, as well it has presence in more than 40 countries in the 5 continents. -Who Is Rainbow? Global Presence Crop Protection Company; Intelligent Solution Provider with Rapid Market Access Platform; Basic Producer for Synthesizing Many A.I.s; World Class Formulator for Full Range Formulations.

ANVISA's board of directors extends the use of Paraquat 2020-10-09
ACM will distribute exclusively MAFINO 75WG from Rainbow 2020-09-02
Myanmar will ba​n the pesticides based Chlorpy​rifos 2020-07-27
The Export of Pesticides from China in the half of 2020 decrease 16% 2020-07-27
Rainbow Malaysia CSR Initiative To Support Local Growers 2020-07-24
8th CAC Awards Unveil: 95 enterprises have won the Awards 2020-06-22
Rainbow Bolivia sponsors and participates inlocal agricultural exhibition 2020-06-22
Rainbow Ranked as Number 1 Agrochemical Exporter in 2019 2020-06-21
China's ICAMA issues regulations on the registration of export-only pesticides 2020-06-22